about ME

Who am I?

I graduated from Vancouver Film School's game design program in 2015. While their I majored in Game, Level and Mission Design, while minoring in Quality Assurance Testing, and Programming.

During my year attending the program i was able to work on several games. Including Golemancer, Legolas Simulator 2016 and The Ves'n Championship.

Towards the end of my year at VFS I would attend the Valve/HTC Vive Game Jam, and it would alter my path forever. After having seen VR for the very first time and making Legolas Simulator 2016, I fell in love with the technology and the possibilities.

Amidst my own exploration in the VR space, I started to develop a suit of VR simulations for Northern College Ontario. It was working on this project that I was truly able to cut my chops at VR game design, development, leadership and project management (Having built a development team for the project).

Thirsty for more I joined the VIVARRA team early on in their development, to work on my first AR project. Shortly afterwards my role expanded into a leadership position as I helped manage and coordinate an ever-growing team of people.

Eventually though trial and tribulation, we were able to make a product, one that we were proud of and that people loved!

To be continued…

The Origin Story

I've always had a passion for video games, ever since I hooked up my Dad's NES for the first time and played A Boy and His Blob.

I first started to get involved in game design when I was 8 years old, I would spend hours at a seedy internet cafe creating maps in the Starcraft & Age of Mythology Level Editors. Eventually graduating to the Warcraft 3 Editor, and later down the line into Source Engine designing levels for Counter Strike and Half-Life 2 Death match. 

Unbeknownst to me, all that time would lead to my greatest passion in life.

extracurricular activites

In 2013 I started getting involved in Education, working with the Chief Superintendent of the Calgary Board of Education as a Student Adviser on the Chief Superintendents Senior Advisory Council. During this time I advocated for increased adoption of emerging technologies, liberalizing policies toward technology, freedom of information and gamification in the classroom.

I also participate as a volunteer for Fuel for School, a charity that provides high nutrition breakfast to students at elementary schools throughout Calgary, and was privileged to represent Calgary at the International Youth Leadership Summit in Beijing, China.


  • Vinyl Record Collecting

  • 3D Printing

  • Warhammer 40k

  • Collecting Science Fiction, Comic Book and Video Game Memorabilia

  • Collecting Vintage Computer Components

  • Sound Design