The App

VIVARRA is an AR medical application for children where characters come to life designed to educate and calm pediatric patients while waiting at their doctors office. Worked as both a Designer and Scripter, building content and adding functionality to the application, while training and managing the priorities of a small team. VIVARRA was made using Unity Engine, ARKit, ARCore as well Vuforia and is currently live on the App Store and Google Play.



My Role

My role at VIVARRA was Lead Experience Curator, which was mainly focused toward the design and implementation of the games content, I owned the entire unity pipeline. In short, my job was to see every piece of content from the moment it left animation to the moment it was in the customers hands, including following through with customer feedback. Content could range in complexity from something simple like stitching together a few .FBX animations in mecanim, to creating elaborate pieces of code, that could smoothly and reliably handle customers inputs and trigger events, all while working within the contrivances of Unity’s asset-bundle system.

My responsibilities also dipped into project management, toward the end of my year with VIVARRA I was actively managing and training a small team of people, some of whom are still creating quality content for the app at the time of writing this.